The pesky bird The pesky bird Rated Stars A snowman tries to get rid of a bird Comedy - Original the irriated insomiac the irriated insomiac Rated Stars A bear has trouble sleeping Comedy - Original The Dragon Fly The Dragon Fly Rated Stars A dragon tries to has some peace and quiet Comedy - Original Brainy Villain Brainy Villain Rated Stars A octopus tries to eat a fox Comedy - Original The Island Bug The Island Bug Rated Stars A flys home is invaded by a crabby new-comer Comedy - Original What Brings Happines? What Brings Happines? Rated Stars What makes people happy? Other Sweet Victory Sweet Victory Rated Stars A Bear with a sweet tooth Comedy - Original A Two Line Show A Two Line Show Rated Stars A Animated art show Experimental Head For Cover Head For Cover Rated Stars Pester Fly tries to find shelter. Comedy - Original Don't let life drive you crazy Don't let life drive you crazy Rated Stars A Video Ad Experimental Bruno's Thanksgiving Dinner Bruno's Thanksgiving Dinner Rated Stars Bruno goes on a wild turkey hunt Comedy - Original Curious as a Fox Curious as a Fox Rated Stars A fox pulls some rope tricks Comedy - Original Bugging the Bear Bugging the Bear Rated Stars A little housefly cause some mischef Comedy - Original Bruno's Catch of the Day Bruno's Catch of the Day Rated Stars Bruno goes fishing Comedy - Original The Black Hole The Black Hole Rated Stars A alien come across a mysterious black hole Comedy - Original The Clueless Driver The Clueless Driver Rated Stars A Driver gets himself lost Comedy - Original Kooky Cookie Kooky Cookie Rated Stars Pester Fly as a sweet Tooth for cookies. Comedy - Original The Tale of Red Riding Hood The Tale of Red Riding Hood Rated Stars A Romanic Comedy of Little Red Riding Hood Comedy - Parody The Battle of Wits The Battle of Wits Rated Stars A battle between a dragon and a fox Comedy - Original the fly trap the fly trap Rated Stars Pester gets more than he bargen for. Comedy - Original The Crabby Islander The Crabby Islander Rated Stars A crab tries to outwit a tuna fish Comedy - Original Nutty for Honey Nutty for Honey Rated Stars A squirrel goes after the bears food. Comedy - Original My Animation Reel My Animation Reel Rated Stars A 60 second clip of some of my film shorts Experimental Acceptance Acceptance Rated Stars A story of social injustice Informative The beetle and the Egg The beetle and the Egg Rated Stars A beetles curiosity gets the best of him Comedy - Original The Mud Bath The Mud Bath Rated Stars A Rhino take's a relaxing Bath. Comedy - Original The green fox The green fox Rated Stars A qucik cartoon about careing for nature Informative The Light Snack The Light Snack Rated Stars A bat can't catch a break when he tries to get dinner. Comedy - Original The Free Meal The Free Meal Rated Stars Yogi bear and a black bear name Bruno fight over a picnic basket. Other A Dumb-bell to sell A Dumb-bell to sell Rated Stars A qucik second cartoon. Comedy - Original Fiding a hat for a snowman Fiding a hat for a snowman Rated Stars A Quick cartoon about finding the right hat for a snowman Comedy - Original